Real Royalty Visits Tinseltown

God help the Hollywood publicist to the so-called worldwide “stars” this weekend!

Today the real Royal Couple will touch down in Tinseltown for their short two day working visit.

The Royal Couple will be spending two nights at the British Embassy located in my old “hood” of Hancock Park. However, you won’t be seeing any Britney Spears candid shots of the Princess hanging out by the pool. The photographers and their evil impostors  the “Paparazzi” won’t be allowed anywhere near the Embassy location.  This lock-out happened after reports surfaced that the tabloids were desperately trying to pay off the adjacent homeowners for access to their rooftops.

No chance of that. The LAPD is literally blocking off four square blocks in Hancock Park, which is the old money area in LA, very elite and established and has vetted the five closest neighbors with houses adjacent to the Embassy, issuing gate passes to each. Residents are free to leave the area but it will be dicey getting back in.

All of this pomp greatly amuses me because I know how many disappointed A-Listers in Hollywood, used to be included at all chic parties, are still jockeying for an invitation to just any event or photo opportunity over the weekend where they can be seen with the Royal couple.

Saturday night the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, an organization headed by Prince William, will host a reception for the Royal visitors.

Those on Hollywood’s A-list that have not received an invitation to the reception far out numbers the ones who have.

So far we know that the couple will be introduced to a dozen or more up-and-coming British stars currently being flown into LA for the evening. However, believe me, those A-Listers hanging out at their ocean front estates in the Malibu Colony who didn’t receive an invitation are numerous and really pissed off. I’m sure many of them have headed to their summer estates in the Hamptons for a good excuse not to be in attendance.

Who are they blaming for this slight of invite right now?  Their publicists, that’s who.  That’s how it works.

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