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As a member of the Academy, I was recently featured in the LA Times “Unmasking The Academy” article, with my profile being featured next to such big names as Madonna and Haley Joel Osment. Read what they had to say about me below! And don’t forget about my book signing and release party tomorrow! Details and address [...]

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    SF Chronicle Article

    The SF Chronicle's On The Town section recently featured an article about Wild Thymes and my favorite spots to hangout around town: She looks like a mild-mannered suburban caterer, but Sally Van Slyke, founder of Wild Thyme Catering and Event Management in Walnut Creek, has a storied past. Or, to be more accurate, many stories in her past. Van Slyke, a onetime Los Angeles TV anchorwoman, jumped into the film industry and during a 15-year career, rose to the rank of senior vice president of worldwide marketing for Universal Pictures in the 1980s. Working with film stars was not as glitzy or fun as it might appear to be from the outside, and she gives readers a view of life on the inside - placating studio heads and hot-tempered celebrities - in her new tell-all, "Wild Thymes: Catering to the Egos of the Hollywood Elite" (Camino Diablo Press, 181 pages). Read more … [Read More...]